Haywood County Schools
January 09, 2018 6:00 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
I. Call To Order
II. Pledge to Flag
III. Consent Agenda
III.1. Minutes
III.2. Financial Report
IV. Approve Agenda
V. Committee Reports
VI. Old Business
VII. New Business
VII.1. Celebration of Haywood County Schools
VII.2. Surplus Computers and Equipment
VII.3. Bus and White Fleet
VII.4. Budget Amendments
VII.5. Director's Report
VII.6. H.C.E.A.
VII.9. Adjourn

The Haywood County Board of Education provides for public participation during Board Business meetings under procedures established by the School Board. Board business meetings are not public forums, however, provision is made for public participation. To assure an orderly business meeting, the Board requires that an individual requesting to address Board members make that request giving the topic to the Superintendent or Board Chairman prior to the Board meeting. The Chairman shall determine if the request will be granted, the time allowed for the presentation and if there are numerous requests on the same subject, the Chairman may request a representative to speak on each side of the issue.